Golden Honey is a new, natural and prestigious way of celebrating Your life. To natural honey produced using a method of beekeeping older than 200 years, we added gold and poured them into a new and different package. The golden honey now floats within a top-level designed vessel, the “Honeydrop”. We set precious and semi-precious stones in the crystal and decorate it with golden ornaments. Every set is unique, has a serial number, name, certificate and is custom made for each buyer in accordance with their wishes. The time required to produce and deliver the product varies with each set. This is due to the exacting methods required to produce Golden Honey, and the possibility of custom-designing a gift set in accordance with the buyers wishes. We craft only 120 unique sets of Golden Honey every year, as it is the fruit of the painstaking handcraft of 60 people – designers, craftsmen and engineers.

Golden Honey is a high quality foodstuff, produced in the clean, natural, alpine environment surrounding Bled, Slovenia. It is collected by the endemic, unaggressive and hardworking Slovenian Carniola bees. They are known around the world as one of the best honey-producing bee species. To produce one kilogram of honey, one bee has to fly a distance equivalent to seven times the circumference of the earth.

In a healthy and unpolluted environment we use a method of beekeeping which is older than 200 years and was founded by the father of beekeeping, the Slovene Anton Janša. He was the emperors and kings first master beekeeper at the court of Maria Theresa of Austria. After his death she issued a decree stating that all future master beekeepers teach by his books. We have given honey a new value, which has always been golden.

Golden Honey is not just of excellent taste, its properties are also medicinal. Numerous minerals, acids, plant extracts, antibacterial substances and vitamins have a positive effect on the body. Honey is used to counter colds, respiratory troubles and aids digestion. It also strengthens the immune system and the body and alleviates stress. Various natural sugars give honey a refined and sweet taste.

Natural honey does not spoil, yet it can crystallize. The crystallization of honey is in fact a completely natural phenomenon, which proves it is pure. Only naturally produced honey crystallizes, and this causes no chemical changes within it, just as it does not affect its quality. If crystallized honey is not to your liking, place the glass in warm water and liquefy it. Honey must not be heated above 40 degrees Celsius, as this would destroy its medicinal properties.

To honey we added gold. *Gold consumed in metal form is non-toxic and non-irritant. It can potentially improve the working of ones immune system and cognitive function. Golden Honey is not meant for daily consumption. It is best used as a food additive and decoration on special occasions. We united gold, one of the first metals to be shaped by man, and honey, the first sweetener used by man, and made Golden Honey.

In the case is a deer skin cloth for polishing the glass, there are also white cotton gloves for handling the glass, which should not be handled with bare hands. Glasses should be hand-washed and polished. Each glass should receive much attention. In this way we preserve the quality and tradition of the craft. Yearly we produce only 60 liters of Golden Honey.

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